I truly think there are no limits that can stop you when you’re motivated to achieve your goals. 

Last month, I had the energy to build a bond between the Indian Embassy and my university. I invited Muktesh K. Pardeshi, the Indian Ambassador in Mexico, to share his experiences and insights into diplomatic relations with my schoolfellows. 

At the beginning of the semester, each student picks a country to be their ambassador/diplomat; the purpose is to demonstrate opportunity areas, the bilateral relationship of the country with Mexico and prove there's a whole other world to form a business with outside the United States. 

I chose India. I love the country, its culture, its people, their passion and their vibrant life among other things hopefully, I get to visit it one day.

My approach to the embassy...

I went to the Embassy to get into the culture.  People were too nice to me, they gave me a tour, encourage me to take a yoga class in their facilities, let me try their food, visit their library, look at scholarships...  it was overwhelming plus I built a good connection with the Embassy.  

On January, Indians commemorate the "Day of the Republic”, the day where Indian House (the ambassador's house) opens its doors to celebrate its independence against England and approach Hindu culture, I got invited.

I met several representative Ambassadors from Embassies like Rusia, Argentina, Sweden and Australia in Mexico and also, the team from Indian's Embassy. 

And speaking with the head of the Commercial Section at the Embassy, he told me he would be delighted to go to my university with the Ambassador to address the India-Mexico relationship.


"Something I've noticed a lot here in Mexico is respect for the other. We have seen that all cultures, Muslims, and Hindus are respected here; they are also values that the university encourages in its students and we’re pleased making negotiations with Mexico” stated the ambassador.

This experience was like no other…

Having welcomed the Ambassador of India and the Chief of Commercial Section of the Embassy to give a lecture taught me that there are no limits, nothing is impossible and all doors can be opened if one proposes it.

Muktesh K. Pardeshi said that the similarities of both countries are great, being belonging to emerging economies, with similar priorities and limitations in the main social and economic development also sharing a vision of the world in general.

Nicole PochatComment