"A sustainable world can only have sustainable businesses."

The annual meeting of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development had headquarters in Mexico City on October and I had the opportunity to be a member of the international’s logistics team, being in contact with all of the executive directors (CEOs) of more than 200 companies and organizations. 

WBCSD has the purpose to identify and analyze the world’s sustainability panorama and act upon it and help enterprises and humanity see its possibilities and opportunities to apply them to their everyday life and companies   

The international event received the lecturers' participation of Felipe Calderón, former ex-president of Mexico, Tanya Müller, Mexico’s Secretary of the Environment, Ana Botín, Executive Chairman of Banco Santander, as well as businessmen, executives of corporate, politicians and academicians of all the world, focusing on the creation of roadmaps for the impact towards the achievement of the aims of the sustainable development.

It had a quorum of 450 participants and WBCSD requested the support of 20 students from universities to be awkward leaders, collaborating in the event - 10 students of the Lancaster University in England and 10 students from my university, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico City had the opportunity to get to know and interact with big personalities in the managerial, political and academic world and approach topics of leadership and sustainable development in the businesses and countries.


Why World Business Council for Sustainable Development had so much impact on me?

It was an opportunity I could’ve never imagined. From one day to another, I had an amazing team, new friends from all over the world and the experience to talk to CEO’s from H U G E companies like Unilever, Apple, 3M, Bloomberg, Symrise AG and so many more. 

It was pretty intense actually, we had to check everything was perfect and according to schedule, but having over 500 people, it’s not as simple. I truly enjoy it to the fullest, I walked 3 steps and meet someone with one new vision of the world to implement and inspired to be the change. 

I believe words and ideas can change the world. 

WBCSD also works with the Mexican government to guarantee that the assistants would be were benefiting from opportunities of dialog with high governmental civil servants of the region and identify forms of collaboration to resolve problematic current as the pollution, overcrowding, among others; to negotiate key policies and find facilitators of finance who will help to achieve a sustainable world.

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